What is it about ?  

The BELGIUM STAR MONS RALLY is a roadbook trip through Belgium and north of France over a distance of 666 miles (1071 km). This tour must be covered within 24 hours. The route is divided into four loops; North, South, East and West, each of them leads to  the point of the rally, there you will have the opportunity to rest and to eat ; also the shop and the workshop will be at your disposal in case of special needs. 
The advantage of this STAR roadtrip is that - in case of breakdown - you’ll never be to far away from the central point.  
At the start and for each of the four loops, you’ll receive the roadbook (paper) for the next step. Different checkpoints and surprise control points will be disposed along each loop. The 666 miles can be done alone or in a small groups. It is preferable to take a Belgian road map.  

The reward ?
Each participant who’ll reach the end of the rally within te 24 hours, passing all the checkpoints in due time and having travelled all the distance will receive a pin’s 666 MILES 2023. 
But the exceptional experience of traveling unknown roads day and night, testing his down-to-earth and being on the road with hundreds of confreres - all this is worth its weight in gold ! 


From may 20, to may 21 th 2023 (maximum 24 hours).  
Registration Saturday, may 20, 2023 from 9h am to 11.30 am ; Departure of the 666 MILES at 12.00h. 
Arrival Sunday, may 21 th 2023 at 12.00h at the latest !!! 

Fill out the form, pay the fee in euro (bank charges to be borne by the principal) and you participate in an unforgettable event! Please note that your registration and payment must be made before april 20, 2023. 
It will still be possible to register after this date via on-line or on-site registration, but pay ATTENTION on the fact that in this case the organizer will not be able to supply your T-Shirt. After your registration, you’ll receive a email “THANKS FOR YOUR REGISTRATION”. Your payment will also be confirmed by email. 
For all informations regarding your subscription, see the “CONTACT” tab on the main menu 
Where ?  

 The place will be unveiled at the end of April in the Mons region
(7033 Mons Belgium) 

Affiliation to MC or HOG?  

No affiliation required. 
Who ? 

Only HARLEY or BUELL drivers  

50 € - per person including a T-Shirt, itinerary plans, sunday morning brunch and, of course, the pin’s 666 MILES 2023. This will only be given to participants who reach the arrival of the ride within 24 Hours.  


Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis
Account name: Delsinne Fabrice
IBAN: BE49001801626971
Reference: 666 miles 2023, your last name, first name  "IMPORTANT !!! Do not forget !!! 
Bank charges to be borne by the principal! 
Payments before april 20, 2023 guaranteed the availability of your T-shirt  
Is this event a race?  

Never ! The first one is not going to win prices. In order to avoid any temptation to start a race, checkpoints are only opened for a certain period of time. Schedule will be indicated on the roadbooks. If you arrive too fast you will have to wait for the opening of the checkpoint! ATTENTION : Don’t waste too much time – Should you arrive too late to the check point, you’ll be disqualified… Anyway, we strongly recommand to follow the trafic rules.  
Tank stations in Belgium?  

Most of the tank stations accept current credit cards as well as CB cards.  

Use of GPS?  

GPS is authorised. The best is to use it only to find the place to register. Subsequently you will waste a lot of time programming your GPS to follow exactly the prescribed route. GPS usuelly calculates the shortest route ; in this way you can’t make the right distance or go to the required checkpoint and you will not reach the end succesfully. In addition, the assistance truck will only follow the normal roads of the 666 MILES 2023.  
Surprise checkpoints?  

We know it and you will see it! For the smart ones of you: we included at least four and more maybe.  
Questions ?  

In case of questions or for more detailed information concerning the rally, the payments and the registration, the ”CONTACT” tab top left